Sunset reflecting from your cheek
Onto our red wine

Last week there was snow here
But, that was a different here

Other lovers on distant shores
Do not concern us

The tree behind us wakens and greets the season
With green and gold

Our world ends at the edge of your blanket
On the grass by the still lake

Your eyes reflect my want and desire

Our world ends at the edge of our touch

I waken the stillness in me
We are two beings in our own orchard

Flowers opening
Apples growing

The sweet taste of the harvest
A winter of the soul

The season’s opening of our hearts
A budding of love in the still cool early spring

We see each others eyes
Reflected in a glass of red wine

2 thoughts on “Orchard

  1. Very cute. A nice circle drawn from the red wine at the beginning to the end, although maybe the same body part should be used? Of course, using eye vs. cheek indicates a deepening, so maybe it’s perfect just the way it is đŸ™‚

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