Speed Limit

She flew past me like I was standing still
Reached out, grabbed my heart, and was gone
I caught up with her in traffic and could see my heart on her passenger seat
But she would not lower her window
And then she sped off

I knew her last year
We took many journeys together in her car
Which I knew so very well with me sitting to her right
But one day she starting speeding
And left me in the dust

I followed her on the freeway
Going 70
Feeling like 110
But she slowed down, took the last exit
And I found her in a supermarket parking lot

She rushed into the produce section and I followed
Demanding my heart back
Or some type of long-term lease arrangement
But she just smiled, paid for some groceries
And ran

I followed her to the market exit and watched the heart-thief drive away
Then I walked back into the market to decide who to call
Maybe my insurance agent
But I don’t think that I’m covered for heart-theft
And I decided that eventually I will get a replacement

Maybe even an upgrade

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