the screen trying to get a delivery slot
my cart is set up veggies wipes the usual

they say that new slots appear at midnight
but three times the app froze and then they were
done refresh

now we wait an hour to get into the website
and the game is to get on at midnight
to snag refresh

slots but maybe they will add delivery
slots during the day just to mix it up
so I try refresh

every hour and I feel like a mouse
pressing keys to get that pleasure hit
it feels like this refresh

looking for a delivery slot which
I actually saw once before the app
froze and I’m trying to refresh

after I got an Amazon grocery delivery
trying for an hour almost bleeding fingers
but I lucked out while pressing refresh

to get a limited selection unbelievable
and twice saw the slot open but it disappeared
but it only took another twenty-five refresh

to get the order and it was delivered after
three hours wow wow dopamine rush
so here I am again different store trying refresh

on their slot machine so I don’t have to
travel my aged body with non-covid pneumonia
what I have to do now is sit and refresh

(Published in Frost Meadow Review)

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