Passing Haiku

Under your fast wings   
passes the land and sea   
    Dragonfly wisdom
Passing through this world   
we have more than one chance to   
    Pick a perfect grape
You don’t understand   
I’m in your life’s passing lane   
    Read bumper sticker

4 thoughts on “Passing Haiku

  1. I’m not a fan of haiku normally (don’t really see the point), but yours (in content) I like very much. The first stanza (haiku) on this page is my favourite here. So expressive .. some people’s haikus are like trying to figure out crosswords though. Thanks for posting. I enjoy your writing.

    • Thanks! I like the 5-7-5 pattern. I agree that there is a lot of haiku that seems to be from a formula, without much feeling beyond an abstract painting, though many people do love it. Maybe someday I will understand it better and perhaps will appreciate it more.

      On twitter #haikuchallenge, there is a word of the day challenge for haiku, where people send in haikus as they write them. The word yesterday was ‘passing’. I don’t usually write flippant poetry like the last set, but it is on the challenge that I widen my focus a bit.

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