her heart was poetry  
but his muse had left him cold  
   blank sheet of paper

clear skies disappeared  
as the dark rain clouds rolled in  
   crow seeks clarity

i painted your lips  
but I could not draw it right  
   there is no birdsong

he exited home  
which became a house of tears  
   she built a high dam

you don’t believe me  
i declared my heart is yours  
   captcha proves my love


Cold morning sitting
typing haiku with no socks
Sun low in the sky

Casino seat warm
Rubbing two hands, very hot
Night ends cold, go home

You touched my shoulder
and said goodbye forever
Everything changes

But we have nothing
No, say we have everything
Do we have something?

Eagle sees nothing
Old mouse waits for silence
Young mouse plays in leaves

This is a test of the emergency haiku system
This is only a test


She drove her heart’s love
to a point of no return…
Parked and read a map

Eyes sing a love song
in the key of silent minor…
neither sharp nor flat

Swan geese dance by pond
Koi gather at the shoreline
Geese turn away, koi dance

Hawk’s eyes see her heart
She runs lonely and afraid
Hawk calls in the night

Young tree plays in sun
Mature tree protects cold ground
Woodcutter has eyes

Short poems

Cold night, old man carries wood
   Red dawn, wood carries old man
      High sun, heads bow

Sirus rises
   Venus sets
      Dogs howl

warm bread
hearth fire
your eyes

Foolish man turns around, sees the same
Wise man stays still, sees the difference

harvest day
crow feeds
man gathers the leavings


Melting candle, light
Two flowing heartbeats, dark night
Cool to the touch, dawn

Café break, meet friends
Cinnamon, chocolate, white foam
Talk, laugh, smile for now

River, man eats fish
Bones buried, memories stay
Nothing is wasted

To live in the fog
and not touch the ground or sky
is a wasted life

Teenager homework
Hides Facebook, midnight and more
Please, I’m working, Mom!


Her warm eyes embrace
our children’s smiles and my soul
We sit by the fire

A story told to
little ones in the playground
Laughs, shout, tell me more!

You can elike me
but you won’t feel my warm heart
Touchscreen has no soul