Tree Poems 2

only tree in the wilderness
    two lonely birds call it home
        three times they have met

your thought of leaving me
is an earthquake that shakes my world
    many apples fall
        i am hungry

i crossed the sea
following your voice
    and found you
    in a desert oasis
        kiss me beneath the one tree

cherry blossoms
    a subtle surge of spring
flowing from the ground and sky
    into color and beauty
        and my eyes


Evening at the lake
The streaked red clouds hide the sun

I cannot follow you over the horizon to your home
Where the clouds are white and the sun is high

Our places are disjointed
Our time is fragmented
Our love is stretched
Beyond my heart’s shadow
Beyond my sweet whispers
Beyond my loving dreams

Soon your sun shall hide
And mine will be gone

Every night, my dreams stretch out to touch you in your dusk
But you have moved on
To your dawn
With clear skies


the wind drives down the mountain and blows me off course

first one way
    then another

the summit is in sight
    but i can’t see you anywhere

i tell the wind it cannot dissuade me from my path

you are there
you are there

but the wind drives down the mountain
    and does not hear

i’ve heard nothing from you as i look towards the summit

your voice is lost in the air
    scattered in the winds
        diffused in the updrafts
            diluted in the vastness of the sky

the wind drives down the mountain
    i stand my ground and guard my directions
    i kneel and face towards the summit
    my legs are stone and my spirit hardened
    i close my eyes to remove the distance
    i close my ears to the howling lies

i will not believe the wind

    never believe the wind

you are there

you are there

    i know that you are there

Road Poems

Your love is distant
I cannot see your eyes
Your heart took the open road
To destinations unknown

I’m stopped at the crossroads
Where I cannot feel which wind to follow
If you look back, beyond the horizon
Know that I am waiting

On the desert pathway
I see you beyond the next road
But it is another mirage

Your love has sped down the gullies
With the last rain storm

I wait for the clouds