Four Friends


My leaves are dropping after the Summer solstice
I’m hungry
The Sun was too generous with his gifts
I had no place to put them
No way to take them
No way to thank him

My roots are shriveling after the Fall solstice
I’m thirsty
The Earth had blown her topsoil away
Left me alone with my dreams
No way to ask her
No way to tell her

My bark is falling after the Winter solstice
I’m cold
The Moon visited sometimes
Other times it was dark and I had no dreams
No way to wave at it
No way to love it

My branches are breaking after the Spring solstice
I’m dying
The Farmer looked at me each day
I gave him many apples since he was a seedling
No way to feed him
No way to touch him

Tree Poems 2

only tree in the wilderness
    two lonely birds call it home
        three times they have met

your thought of leaving me
is an earthquake that shakes my world
    many apples fall
        i am hungry

i crossed the sea
following your voice
    and found you
    in a desert oasis
        kiss me beneath the one tree

cherry blossoms
    a subtle surge of spring
flowing from the ground and sky
    into color and beauty
        and my eyes