Stone Soup Poetry reading

My last post was more than seven months ago. A lot has happened in my writing life since then, including publications, classes, workshops, slam judging, open mics, writing (of course), and twice standing on a street during a festival for three hours with other poets, surrounded by chalk sidewalk drawings and poems, reading poetry to interested passersbys.

I’m on the road now, so this will be a short update, but I’m planning a longer post once I get home.

On July 29th, I was the featured poet at Stone Soup Poetry in Cambridge, MA. I’ll write more about them later, but I had a great time and I was honored to become a part of their very long history.

I read several poems previously posted on this blog, as well as some new work. Most of the time, though, I was in the audience, enjoying a very wide variety of talent.

Each Monday evening’s session is taped, edited, and shown on two different local cable networks, each also simultaneously available on the web. The July 29th session was shown last night (8/21), and should be should be on again Friday 8/23 at 10pm on the Lowell, MA cable network, channel 8 – It will also hopefully be shown on the Cambridge, MA cable network on the same night (8/23) at 11:59pm, channel 8 –

I say ‘should’ and ‘hopefully’ because the 7/29 session was supposed to be shown two weeks ago but was preempted, and last week’s show was from the 8/5 session.

More later…