Winter Poems

last leaf alone
    winter snows
        stretch and strain
            much time to think
springtime buds
ancient wise one

cold night
howling wind
vines stop climbing tall trees
    no hearth for the forest

winter’s rain
you turned and said goodbye
my soul shivers
add my tears

winter’s day
   cold sunshine
      ice cracking under a deer’s hoof
crocus flower

Fire Poems

she spoke of us  
what we have is her and I  
   does she know?
young night  
old habits  
sad hearts
i wandered to your light  
you guided me out of darkness
   we follow the fireflies
snow covers your hair 
four footprints behind us 
you led me through 
a maze 
   what direction is your heart?
i follow your touch
you lead me to a fire
   blankets dropped 
we are consumed by the flame
morning light 
brioche and coffee

Moon poems

finished work in the fields
now is the season to gather love
    harvest moon
harvest your teachings
store your lessons
prepare for the winter
bountiful harvest
village feast
many pies
calm winter
an ancient teacher who enlightens us
    can we remember his lessons?
wisdom in a mirror
teacher’s writings
    moon glows
moon reflects sun
    one illumination
love reflects life reflects love
    infinite illumination
moon robs colors
sun reveals colors but burns
    insight requires caution


her heart was poetry  
but his muse had left him cold  
   blank sheet of paper

clear skies disappeared  
as the dark rain clouds rolled in  
   crow seeks clarity

i painted your lips  
but I could not draw it right  
   there is no birdsong

he exited home  
which became a house of tears  
   she built a high dam

you don’t believe me  
i declared my heart is yours  
   captcha proves my love

Short poems

we chased summer away
pushed shadows aside
pulled stars into our eyes
now autumn is ready for us

autumn breeze
her auburn hair moves gently
red maple leaf falls slowly

november misty night
holding hands in the fog
we can never get lost

ten thousand miles away
she whispers my name
I see her face in the stars

ship to shore radio
her voice sounds distant
her fragrance lingers on

dock meeting
sea air
hearing I love you over the gulls

footsteps echo
outside table
white wine

short walk
small staircase
we become our

Short poems

your pouting face
melts my heart…
how do I put it back?

holy woman
buying groceries

hot words
warm look
cool feel

you lie
we untouch
I walk

bird sings
flower blooms
in movie

asteroid overhead
grey traveler has no home…
visit, but please don’t stay

your angry lips
burn my eyes…
gold melts


Cold morning sitting
typing haiku with no socks
Sun low in the sky

Casino seat warm
Rubbing two hands, very hot
Night ends cold, go home

You touched my shoulder
and said goodbye forever
Everything changes

But we have nothing
No, say we have everything
Do we have something?

Eagle sees nothing
Old mouse waits for silence
Young mouse plays in leaves

This is a test of the emergency haiku system
This is only a test