The Ghost of Christmas Pluperfect

I am the Ghost of Christmas Pluperfect
Born when you had decided to ignore your fellow man
Growing when you had decided to take from your fellow man
Matured when you had decided to abuse your fellow man

You are the result of your decisions
Blinded when you had removed your inner sight
Deafened when you had removed your inner ear
Lost when you had removed your inner compass

Reflecting to the world your path’s history
Fated when you had wandered away from home
Dirtied when you had left the well-trodden road
Bleeding when you had tripped over your own stumbling block

Lessons right in front of you
Written when you had screamed for help
Bound when you had lifted your arms to the sky
Learned when you had opened your eyes

Presents within your reach
Taken when you had seen your fingers against the blue sky
Opened when you had touched the white clouds
Thankful when you had become part of our colorful world

You became who you were meant to be
When you had kissed your wife
When you had hugged your children
When you had looked out of your window to feel the joy of neighbors

I took my leave of you
When you had found your need for others
When you had rejoined the family of man
When you had no further use for me


Winter calls us to our mountain
Just you and I
A few cold white months in our year
The low sun has a pale glow

Dinner with your favorite wine
Just you and I
Warm pie and hot cider are there
The roof protects us from the snow

We’ve settled by the fireplace
Just you and I
Laughter and smiles forever near
Always yes, we say, never no

Resting under a wool blanket
Just you and I
I stroke your face, sleep now, my dear
Let’s think of tomorrow, just so


Fog protects me from the heat of your stare
I struggle to keep pace with the ground cloud’s movement
Lest I be exposed

Water surrounds me
Walking barefoot in the surf
Over clamshells and smooth stones

Rolling waves from the horizon send
Whitecaps flowing through my toes

Yesterday I saw your face
Flushed red with sorrow
Accusing eyes reflected my own turbulent sea

I had tried to tiptoe through your world
But I am clumsy and I broke your shell

Morning mist hides my shame

The fog lifts
The surf recedes
I see my shadow on the sand outlining hot sorrow
So now I must go into the brown grasslands

My back burns from your gaze

Moving towards the forest
I clean the sand from my feet
And dry off my tears

I walk the muddy bank of a narrowing river towards a distant rise
A stream up a hill
A brook up a mountain
Touching the waters that flow to you

I climb to the top and turn around
Straining to see your shoreline beyond the horizon

Imagining your cooling anger
And knowing myself a fool

Sleeping inside a morning mist
And dreaming of your beautiful shell
I will stay until all my seas have turned to clouds
And I can hide no more


Evening at the lake
The streaked red clouds hide the sun

I cannot follow you over the horizon to your home
Where the clouds are white and the sun is high

Our places are disjointed
Our time is fragmented
Our love is stretched
Beyond my heart’s shadow
Beyond my sweet whispers
Beyond my loving dreams

Soon your sun shall hide
And mine will be gone

Every night, my dreams stretch out to touch you in your dusk
But you have moved on
To your dawn
With clear skies