Fog protects me from the heat of your stare
I struggle to keep pace with the ground cloud’s movement
Lest I be exposed

Water surrounds me
Walking barefoot in the surf
Over clamshells and smooth stones

Rolling waves from the horizon send
Whitecaps flowing through my toes

Yesterday I saw your face
Flushed red with sorrow
Accusing eyes reflected my own turbulent sea

I had tried to tiptoe through your world
But I am clumsy and I broke your shell

Morning mist hides my shame

The fog lifts
The surf recedes
I see my shadow on the sand outlining hot sorrow
So now I must go into the brown grasslands

My back burns from your gaze

Moving towards the forest
I clean the sand from my feet
And dry off my tears

I walk the muddy bank of a narrowing river towards a distant rise
A stream up a hill
A brook up a mountain
Touching the waters that flow to you

I climb to the top and turn around
Straining to see your shoreline beyond the horizon

Imagining your cooling anger
And knowing myself a fool

Sleeping inside a morning mist
And dreaming of your beautiful shell
I will stay until all my seas have turned to clouds
And I can hide no more